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Immigration Evaluations

Why is a Clinical Evaluation Necessary?

Participating in a clinical evaluation may help your attorney progress your immigration case.  Many clients are unaware that immigration proceedings require a psychosocial or psychological immigration evaluation as a step in obtaining legal status.  During this process, Dr. Wilson collaborates with the client and the attorney to provide the findings which emphasize the mental health status of the immigrant and any hardship loved (U. S. Citizen) ones may encounter.  A signed release of information must be on file prior to working with your attorney.

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What to Expect:

Once an initial phone consultation is completed, we will schedule your appointment for the initial interview.  Although each case is unique most evaluations require a minimum of 4-6 hours to complete. Services include an initial one-on-one interview, spanning an average of 3 hours, and an administration of standardized psychological measures, a mental status exam (MSE), scoring and interpretation of the instruments, which are then integrated into the report, and collaboration with the client’s attorney.  A final report with recommendations will be sent to the client’s attorney within one week of your final interview. We also offer options for rushed reports for an additional fee.

Related Cost:

You will be provided with information about any required documents to bring to your initial session once you schedule your first appointment.  Please call us for a brief consultation and we will provide you with a brief estimate for your evaluation. Each case is different. In general, our costs for immigration evaluations begin at $600 please contact our office for additional information.  We do offer payment plans, but all fees must be paid in full before the final report can be released to your attorney.

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