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Living Life Without Limits

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Beyond the constraints of your indoctrinated way of thinking, lies in wait a world of infinite possibilities just longing to be discovered. If you’re willing to stretch the boundaries by which you live your life, by just a fraction of an inch, you can catapult your life into a whole new level of enhanced existence which will open your eyes to some inner-strength you could have deployed long ago to forge a better life for yourself. While the ability to support yourself and possibly your dependents is of undoubted importance, the wage-earning routine by which you are bound is probably one of the many indoctrination chains you need to break free of. It is not advocated that you should quit your job, but rather that you adopt a new way of thinking. A new way of living — Living without limits. Your new way of living without limits doesn’t have to be limited to your place of work, but that is the ideal place in which to kick things off.

Start by Pushing the Limits at Work

Wouldn’t you like to earn more for the job you do? Of course you would, but what’s stopping you from earning more? There’s only one way to find out and if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Here’s what you can do: request a meeting with your boss and simply ask for a raise. Don’t give any reasons unless you’re specifically asked to do so and, if your boss simply says no, thank him/her for their time and carry on with your daily business.

This first step towards discovering the full repertoire of what life actually has in store for you is available to everybody, but only discovered by those who are willing to test the boundaries and operate on the brink of their comfort zones. Think about it for a second. Everybody knows that one person who can get away with a lot more than everybody else gets away with — that person whose actions would never be tolerated coming from anybody else, yet that person remains a firm favorite among their immediate circles, despite their waywardness.Going back to the impact your no-limits approach might have had on your boss, what if your request for a raise is granted and you realize that you’ve been missing out on a lot more, all this time, just because you were afraid to try?

At the edge of your comfort zone awaits an assortment of life’s (God’s) many gifts, wrapped up just for you, and only you possess the ability to uncover their hiding place. I encourage you to break free of all the barriers existent in your life. After all, if you simply take a closer look at those barriers and try to define them, you’ll notice that they actually don’t exist at all. Are you ready to live your life without limits?


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