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Rewriting Your Life Script

For several years Dr. Wilson has shared the importance of "Changing One’s Life Script. During that time, she published her memoir titled, “Rewriting the Script.” Since that time, many have adopted the phrase, but does anyone truly understand its meaning? Each day, we are faced with new opportunities and challenges that test our faith. Some of those obstacles and tribulations may shake our foundation or even attempt to weaken our self-confidence. Leaving us with questions or doubts about our potential, ability to love, be loved, our self-worth and/or future. I believe most people, if they live long enough will experience some of these emotions. Fortunately, the issue is temporary, especially once you understand that No situation(s) can define you.

Dr. Wilson believes that God has a Divine Purpose for each of our lives. And no one but that person can fulfill that purpose. She also understands that the task may be difficult to accomplish without support, guidance and a way to work through those things which hold us back. Take a moment to take inventory of what you have accomplished and the goals you've yet to pursue. Envision yourself successfully completing that journey and move forward with faith and perseverance. You can do this. As Robin Roberts often says, "Everybody's Got Something."


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